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    What Is a Class C Felony?

    Class C Felony

    Generally, “felony” is a term to classify different types of crimes that tend to involve an element of violence, thus leading to a severe degree of damages or fault. One must need to know that crimes under the category of a felony can result in a variety of damages such as financial, emotional, physical, or even property damages, etc. Under federal and state laws, the felony is further divided into different other categories, and Class C Felony is one of them.  The mid-range crimes fall under this category of C felony, however, it is considered to be

  • Gross Misdemeanor
    Criminal Law

    What is a Gross Misdemeanor?

    Before going deep in the process of understanding what Gross Misdemeanor is, it is critical to know that criminal offenses are categorized into two main categories, one is a felony, and the other is misdemeanors. So, when misdemeanors crimes are reviewed, it is a fact that there are different types of misdemeanors criminal offenses, and one such type is Gross Misdemeanor. It is basically a class of crime, which is not as serious as a crime under felonies; however, it is still considered a serious crime. One must know that misdemeanors are less serious crimes when compared with felonies, which

  • Criminal Defense Attorney Cost
    Criminal Law

    How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost ?

    In case that you are thinking to hire a criminal defense lawyer, there are chances that you are in a tough situation and you may need the help of a criminal lawyer. Dealing with the defendant charged, regardless of whether minor or a major, is regularly an intense matter that comes with consequences. These may incorporate monetary fines, jail time, loss of future employment opportunities, making of a criminal record, etc. Thusly, it is important that you look for an experienced criminal defense attorney who is competent in helping you through with your charges.  The cost of